Caning – English


na prep with [ned]
na con and
na andä banic adv rightward (lit. with hand right)
na andä nyagol adv leftward (lit. with hand left)
na canyiccä xong adv towards the sun (lit. with direction of sun)
na dabi adv poorly, without money (with poverty?)
na zängänga adv truely (lit. with truth)
nace adv with her
naga oth is for, about
nagä adv with me
nagi adv with you (sg)
nagog adv with us (and you)
nama adv with him
nanange trick, deceive nananga, känanange
nani there
nano very
nanggä pos mine
nanggo adv with you (pl)
nanya, nang adv with it
napäl adv quietly
nasa adv with them
nawas adv with us (not you)
näce pos hers
näma pos his
nänog pos ours (and yours)